Artisan Mini Box Chocolate-2pc


Let us deliver some chocolate joy directly to you! Our high quality artisan chocolates are formulated to perfectly satisfy your appetite for chocolate. The very high quality perfect taste is made in Belgium. Our handmade high quality artisan chocolates are made with care, from only high quality and natural ingredients. No additives, preservatives, or trans fat just pure simple ingredients that you use in your own kitchen. Our handmade artisan chocolate contains less sugar (tastes less sweet) than other popular chocolate brands, so the taste is excellent and you better taste the real chocolate taste and smell.


  • We have always removed all artificial preservatives, additives, colors and flavors when making our High Quality Artisan Chocolate.
  • We offer a 2pc mix ballotin box
  • Mix of dark brown and white chocolates.
  • Cacao Horizons


  • The perfect gift for the chocolate lover in your life.


  • Less Sugar.
  • Delicious flavors.
  • Free of preservatives.
  • All non-alcoholic ingredients.
  • Premium artisanal Belgian chocolate.

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