RAMEL Gold Panther Decafeine Beans-500GR


Coffee is one of the most beloved beverages worldwide. Part of its appeal has been attributed to the fact that coffee has a higher caffeine content than most naturally produced beverages, such as tea and cocoa. We use rich, organic smooth, gold panther coffee beans. These gold panther coffee beans are from around the world and are blended into medium-dark roasted coffee. Intense gold espresso with a soft taste coffee is composed highly of Arabica coffee beans and balanced roasting, providing rich aromatic intensity. 

Our Gold Panther Decafeine Beans are roasted in keeping with the old traditional principle. This technique of roasting takes extra time than industrial roasting. The RAMEL Decafeine Beans are roasted in a rotating drum for 12 to 13 mins and then cooled with air. In this way, we obtain an excellent roasting of the beans and an amazing improvement of the aroma. Our Gold Panther Coffee Beans are made in Belgium and roasted with the best Belgian technology, we hope that this will become a part of your daily routine, just as it has been a part of ours for decades.

Most of the roasted espresso beans are ground at our facility. This is performed in a roller mill with crushing rollers. The beans go through a series of 2 subsequent to every different and in opposite instructions rotating cylinders (the crushing rollers) that they crush/grind. In this way the grinding degree is continually the same, the beans do now no longer get heated at some point of grinding and there is no loss of aroma. In recent years, the demand for coffee in beans has increased due to the increasing success of small espresso machines. Of course, all our RAMEL Taste Coffees are also available in beans.


  • The RAMEL Decafeine Beans with a great taste you don't feel any taste different with caffeine coffee beans.
  • Due to the selection of quality beans and the method of roasting – our coffees are roasted light brown – RAMEL Taste Decafeine Beans has a fairly soft taste and is easily digestible.


  • One sip of our best-selling coffee will have you saying goodbye to store-bought forever.
  • Enjoy the highest quality energy and artisanal flavor with every sip of Premium Authentic Slow Roat Coffe.


  • All top-quality beans.
  • Arabica and robusta blend.

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