Black Vegan Brush set (10pc)


Want to add a casual and fun touch to your make-up routine? Try these 10-PCS vegan-friendly brushes. These vegan-friendly brushes are soft and use high-quality synthetic hair that gives a luxurious and smooth makeup application. The aluminum handle provides a comfortable hold and allows for a precise application. Makeup brush sets are a great way to carry your makeup around with you in a compact container. This convenient set is perfect for the everyday look and can be used on the go. A wide variety of colors allows for bold choices with a variety of looks. The set is also vegan-friendly so you can rest easy knowing that there is no animal cruelty involved in your purchase. Create a flawless complexion with these makeup applicators. This set is perfect for beginners and those looking to try their hand at makeup. This vegan-friendly set of 10 brushes helps you customize your beauty routine with the colors you want for a more natural look. This vegan-friendly makeup brush set helps you get gorgeous results in a short amount of time.


● The aluminum handle makes this set easy to apply and comfortable to use.

● These soft synthetic bristles help create a flawless base for application, highlighting, or contouring.

● These soft and gentle brushes are extremely gentle on the skin, making them incredibly versatile.

● Use this set to create a blended look for a more polished look that is perfect for any occasion.

● This set has 10 brushes that offer a variety of natural-looking applications.

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