We aim to help you look and feel your best with our authentic Belgian-made premium food products and many natural vegan and all paraben free cosmetics. All of our products are designed for nothing but exceptional beauty and captivating taste.


 Pour homme and pour femme, our mission is directed towards giving you a luxurious experience in shopping for authentic Belgian food and non-alcohol spirits, natural makeup and skincare from which captivates the soul through opulent beauty and taste. By being your source for products that you will love to show off in all ways and in all means, we are redefining the way you shop online.



We are stunning ladies (from Belgium and from Texas), who also happen to be sisters with proud Moroccan roots, behind the brand with a captivating story, RAMEL comes from the sisters names Rachida & Amel. Our beautiful mother helped us with creating the brand name. We are bringing you our years of expertise in food, beverage, and makeup through our fabulous line of natural cosmetic products and collections of non-alcoholic premium spirits, Belgian traditional whole bean coffee, and luxury Belgian chocolate.



Indulging in our fine collection of products is never complete without a fabulous lifestyle magazine. So we will made it possible for you to get full access to the latest stories, columns, and articles about luxury and exclusive content that will spark inspiration. It aims to give you a taste of the finer things in the world of beauty and food so you can step up and make desirable things happen in your life. The magazine aims to bring positive stories of hopes, dreams, and motivation for you to succeed and live the lavish life you desire.




We want our customers to look good and feel good in the most beautiful way! The RAMEL brand is here to help you realize your desire to live a life centered on exquisite beauty and taste. No matter who you are, what you are wearing everybody is beautiful in their own natural way and deserve to have a beautiful and luxury life with the best tastes to enjoy every moment.




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